“I worked with Craig writing songs and producing demos. It eventually landed me a deal with a major record label. Craig’s passion for making music and helping me fulfill my vision as a songwriter was a gift. He gets it and I would recommend him to everyone.” Professor Brannon Beliso – Owner of One Martial Arts – Musician/Singer/Songwriter

“I have known Craig for a few years, and recently had the fortune to work with him on a jazz project, for which he did the mixing and mastering. I only have great things to say about Craig’s professionalism, creativity, and commitment to the project. He listened to my sometimes odd descriptions of the sounds I was going for and then figured out the best way to make it happen. A pleasure to work with.” James Byfield – Composer/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer

“Craig has been an indispensable part of mixing, and mastering our first album. He carries with him years of experience in the world of music production, and we value his opinion when it comes to making decisions about our music and how to make it sound the best it can. Craig is very attentive to detail that many producers would overlook, and is amenable to requests. He works quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Transparency Audio.” Julius Pasion- Musician with Indigo Elephant

“Working with Craig has been an absolute pleasure and a wonderful learning experience in the realm of music mixing and mastering. His years of experience and study in the music industry came through in helping our first record becoming a reality. He puts in so much effort into his craft and it really shows. He has everything here in his El Cerrito studio to record as well. (A grand piano and drum kit already mic-ed up and ready to go.) He always responds promptly and no matter the request, he was always willing to accommodate and work with us. 10/10 would recommend and work with again! The most honest and friendliest person you will work with.” Brendan Phung- Musician with Indigo Elephant

“MoeTar recorded piano tracks for our record “Entropy ot the Century” with Craig at Transparency Audio and it went super well! Craig is really easy to work with and gets the job done. The Yamaha Grand Piano sounded amazing and was well miced. I highly recommend!” Tarik Ragab – Composer/Bassist with MoeTar

“I have recorded with Craig over the past few years and it has always been a pleasure. He is professional and reliable in every way. He took my voice to another level with his plug ins and his place is a very chill atmosphere. His knowledge of music spans so many genres and he is very skilled at what he does. Can’t wait for the next session!”
Zeke-Songwriter/Guitarist/Vocalist with IVXX

“I really enjoy working with Craig. As an artist himself, he understands the importance of presenting your unique vision and I find him flexible in that sense. One of his best qualities is his high standard for producing the best sound possible. My music has gone to a greater level thanks to his experience and uncompromising high standards. I am grateful to be able to work with Craig!”
 Xavier Toscano – Singer/Performer/Artist

“I am extremely satisfied with the mixing that Craig has done. He puts lots of passion into my project, and exceeds my expectations every time! He is kind, genuine, and overall just a great person to work with!” Ziming Li-Composer/Musician

“Working with Craig at Transparency Audio has been an exceptional experience! Craig is the consummate professional. He is punctual, intelligent, musical and humorous! My time spent mixing, mastering and overdubbing recordings with him  was a complete joy. Craig helped my band navigate through many different scenarios, including re-tracking, finding the correct sounds and plug-ins, and creative panning. His love and enthusiasm for music is unparalleled. We can be discussing Beethoven, Chopin, Sex Pistols, or Eminem, and it’s all the same. His is a gifted musician as well on the drums and piano. He has a great recording room with a 6′ 1″ Yamaha grand piano and full drum kit, and an excellent mixing room dialed in with perfect acoustics. Craig and Transparency Audio definitely receive my highest recommendation for all of your audio tracking and mixing needs!” Brian Fruechtenicht – Drummer with “The Feed”

“I did my “Be Alive!” CD with Craig at Transparency Audio. He played all the drums, some keyboards, produced, arranged and mixed the music to new levels that fit my musical style perfectly. I chose him for many reasons . First, he has a diploma in audio engineering from SAE (School for Audio Engineering). He’s also a musician in his own right with a wide background in many styles of music and this experience really comes in handy when searching for a musical idea, whether it be a guitar, bass, or keyboard part or a vocal line. He understands how to mold a “musical” phrase and can describe clearly how to achieve it. Craig is also a talented and experienced drummer, pianist with a keen sense of timing. He has an amazing ‘ear’, that allows him to hear the subtleties of a song and make adjustments or corrections where need be. Craig also is flexible and open to change. While this is a solo a CD project, I consider Craig to be my musical partner, not just my producer. We respect each others observations and I attribute this to Craig’s flexibility and openness. Finally, Craig is just fun to work with. I’ve really enjoy working with him and I’m excited about finishing the project with him. I recommend Craig without reservation. ” Marilyn Mitchell – Songwriter/Musician – Professor of Kinesiology – San Francisco State University

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Craig of Transparency Audio while I was the Director and Head of the Audio Technology Programs at the SAE Institute of Technology in San Francisco. Craig is an amazingly talented individual who is fully committed to his craft and he also one of the friendliest, honest and thoughtful folks I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Truly a master musician, he knows his stuff inside and out when it comes to everything from composition to production. I can wholeheartedly recommend Craig! One of the coolest people and most dedicated and talented audio engineers and musicians in the Bay Area!” Ivo Ivanov- SAE Campus Director/Sound Designer at NATIVE INSTRUMENTS

“It has been my great fortune to find Craig at Transparency Audio! I have been recording at his studio for several years now and he is always the best to work with. Always professional and always working at the top of his game. What makes working with Craig so special is that not only is he deeply into being the best at what he does recording and engineering wise yet it is the fact that each and every time I’m in his studio recording I can see that he is present, aware and focused on the project at hand. I have recorded with many studios at this point and I can tell you this is often not the case when dealing with the main person at the controls. If your looking for a studio to record your next demo or your next album then look no further because Craig offers a world class experience when it comes to recording and engineering!” Dusty S – Guitarist/Songwriter

“I found Craig at Transparency Audio via Craigslist. I was looking for someone to help produce, mix, and master a song that I had written. His studio has a professional acoustically treated control room and a live room with a mint condition Yamaha grand piano and a great Yamaha drums set (available for recording as well as filming in the space for video shoots). Craig put in tons of effort into mixing and mastering my project to my liking. For my review comments, I returned to make the adjustments I wanted in the song. He also gave great production feedback to help me improve the song overall. I was happy with the end result. Keep him in mind for your next project!” Brian Wang aka @RosendaleSings – Singer/Songwriter/Artist

“Craig is one of the better audio engineers in the Bay Area. Along with Mixing, production and recording skills Craig is a classically trained pianist and an excellent drummer but along with these skills Craig has an easy going personality that puts an artist at ease that creates an atmosphere that allows an artist to feel comfortable and be able to perform; this is important in a studio. Easy parking and decent food nearby. I highly recommend his studio.” Reed Sutton – Guitarist/Musician

“I got a chance to work with Transparency Audio and it was a great experience. I was organizing a recording with several guest musicians all on different time schedules and Craig made it extremely easy. Setting up was very quick – not the usual nightmare I’ve put up with at other higher priced studios. Recording was very straight forward. It was great working with someone who had such a good idea of what sounds were possible and what was the best way of achieving that sound. Everyone who recorded with me during that session had a good time (when was the last time a recording session was a ‘good time’?) and left in a good mood and on time (not three hours later than we’d planned). It was especially nice because we were doing the recording in several sessions with different musicians showing up to lay down their tracks at different times. Working with Craig made this possible, and in fact made it very effective. Mixing down the final product was also a great experience with Craig, who was able to listen to what I wanted as well as offer great ideas and suggestions, all of which was appreciated. It was a great experience and I hope to get a chance to do it again. It’s a pleasure to give Transparency Audio a good review and to encourage others to record there.” James Whitehouse – Bassist/Writer with Dark Carnival/Harvard Law School – Attorney at Law

“Craig is very receptive to ideas and opinions on how to reach the desired goal of the artist he is working with. He is also very thorough in explaining exactly what he is doing while working on a project. Not only did I get a great final result with Craig, but I learned a lot about mixing and mastering myself” Fill Up Space (producer of P.N.P.’s “On Tha DL” EP)