Clarity in mixes

The main goal is to make your music sound the best it possibly can. Each individual instrument track in the mix needs to be heard and felt. Take a listen to our Music Projects page to hear the clarity in our approach to mixing "Transparent Tracks"

We Offer

Recording, Mixing and Music Production. Grand Piano, Drum set and small ensemble live recording room. Drum tracks and synth instrumentation and arrangements.


"I worked with Craig writing songs and producing demos. It eventually landed me a deal with a major record label. Craig's passion for making music and helping me fulfill my vision as a songwriter was a gift. He gets it and I would recommend him to everyone." Professor Brannon Beliso

"I really enjoy working with Craig. One of his best qualities is his high standard for producing the best sound possible. My music has gone to a greater level thanks to his experience and uncompromising high standards.” Xavier Toscano - Singer/Performer/Artist