Clarity in mixes

We understand how to make each track of your music crystal clear. When you have many tracks in a project the goal is to put each of them perfectly in the mix so they can be heard and felt. Take a listen to our Music Projects page to hear the clarity in our approach to mixing "Transparent Tracks"

We Offer

Music Production, Audio Services, Mixing, Mastering, Lessons and Studio Recording. Conveniently located 10 minutes away from Berkeley and BART in El Cerrito, California.


"Craig is very receptive to ideas and opinions on how to reach the desired goal of the artist. He is very thorough in what he is doing while working on a project. Not only did I get a great final result with Craig, but I learned a lot about mixing and mastering myself"
- (producer of P.N.P.'s "On Tha DL" EP)

"I am extremely happy with the mixing that Craig has done. He puts lots of passion into my projects, and exceeds my expectations every time! Overall, just a great person & producer to work with!" ~Ziming Li-Composer/Musician